Industry Leaders

The coursework contains case studies from local success stories in eCommerce. It includes recorded interviews with various local entrepreneurs who shared their experience in developing or transitioning their businesses online. Their contributions are intended to inspire students in engaging in eCommerce and digital media.

Photo of Ian Pellicano

APCO, Ian Pellicano

Photo of Alan Cuschieri

Calamatta Cuschieri, Alan Cuschieri

Photo of Jonathan Chetcuti

Concept Stadium, Jonathan Chetcuti

Photo of Nicolai Abela

Digital Guru, Nicolai Abela

Photo of Carmelo Romano

eBusiness Systems, Carmelo Romano


Photo of Claire Abela

Franks, Claire Abela

Photo of Julian Mamo

Gasan Mamo, Julian Mamo

Photo of Michael Galea

Chamber of SMEs, Marcel Mizzi

Photo of Silvio Schembri

Hon. Silvio Schembri MP

Photo of Jason Cruz

iMovo, Jason Cruz

Photo of Jameson Cucciardi

Jameson Cucciardi

Photo of Kevin Casha

Kevin Casha

Photo of Eric Muscat

KPMG, Eric Muscat

Photo of Edgar Micallef

MCA, Paul Edgar Micallef

Photo of Stephen Agius

MCA, Stephen Agius

Photo of Joseph Farrugia

MEA, Joseph Farrugia

Photo of Simon Montanaro

Melita, Simon Montanaro

Photo of Joseph Farrugia

MEA, Joseph Farrugia

Photo of Darren Micallef

MITA, Darren Micallef

Photo of Mike Said

Mike Said

Photo of Doris Micallef

MITA, Doris Micallef

Photo of Darren Vella

MITA, Darren Vella

Photo of David Dingli

RPCS, David Dingli

Photo of Thomas Desira

MITA, Thomas Desira

Photo of Paul Mizzi

The Photographer, Paul Mizzi

Photo of Alex Borg

SSM Group, Alex Borg

Photo of Matthew Caruana

ZaaR, Matthew Caruana

Photo of Wesley Ellul

Untangled Media, Wesley Ellul