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Award in eCommerce Practices – I

Nowadays, most consumers constantly connect to the Internet using multiple devices interchangeably for various purposes, such as, online shopping. You can benefit from eCommerce whether you are setting up a part-time venture or a fully-fledged business activity.

The Award in eCommerce Practices I is an accredited eCommerce training programme delivered online via the eBiznify eLearning Platform. Online tutorials are held throughout the programme to allow you to engage with tutors and peers.

Who should follow this course

This course is ideal for individuals who want to pursue a career in digital commerce or want to kick-start an online/omni-channel business, as well as for micros or SMEs who want to upskill their staff on eCommerce and digital business practices.

Course Syllabus & Assessment

Award in eCommerce Practices – I comprises 150 hours of learning spread over 12 weeks and consists of four (4) core compulsory modules plus two (2) elective modules. Each module features a number of interviews with industry experts and leaders who provide insights on local expertise and best practice.

The assessment process comprises the active participation in the weekly online tutorial sessions, contributions to weekly forum questions posed by tutors and short assignments. The project work assigned for each module comprises a mix of individual and group assignments to assess your ability to apply the theory and concepts of the course in a real world environment.

Core Module 1: Introduction to eCommerce

This first module provides students with a general outline of the key concepts and fundamentals in eCommerce. This module addresses the general notions of eCommerce, core concepts and key challenges of B2C and B2B in eCommerce, the evolving business environment within eCommerce, frameworks and regulations, and how to plan for an eCommerce business. These sessions will help students to understand better the eCommerce market and will serve as a foundation for further development in subsequent modules. 

Core Module 2: Award in Taking a Business Online

This module continues to build on the fundamentals of eCommerce and provides students with an overview of the key concepts and fundamentals to take a business online. This module addresses the infrastructure required and getting started, setting the right priorities  before launching an eCommerce business, selecting the right technology for the business, ongoing challenges that an eCommerce business might face, facilitating online transactions, the different online payment methods and systems, and concluding with a practical approach to eCommerce. 

Core Module 3: Award in Promoting your Online Business

This module focusses on the marketing side of the eCommerce business and provides students with an outline of the key concepts to promote a business online. This module deals with the importance of developing a marketing and digital plans that will be used to guide the business in establishing the correct strategy and identifying the most appropriate goals and objectives. This module also provides greater detail to how a business can drive customer traffic to the eCommerce website, use search engine optimisation, promote through digital marketing and social media, use affiliate marketing and explore the different types of digital media channels. 

Core Module 4: Award in Delivering your products

A fundamental part of an eCommerce business is the concept of delivering the products to the customer in an efficient manner. It focuses on the importance of putting the customer at the centre of the business, ensuring that any management decision is made with the customer’s best interests. This module addresses the intricate and complex product design process and development, order fulfilment, logistics and distribution, understanding the ‘always connected’ consumer, integrating sales channels into a seamless experience and customer relationship management.

Elective Module 1: Award in Cross-border ecommerce

This module introduces students to the concepts of cross-border trading and is particularly relevant to students interested in setting up their own online business focused on winning an international clientele. The module guides students through the international frameworks and structures that impact international commerce. It provides an overview which will enable them to better understand international legislation on eCommerce, the digital single market concept, the requirements for an international strategy, international logistics and distribution, harmonisation of VAT and tax in the EU, and regional and national cultures. 

Elective Module 2: Award in Content Design and Development

This module presents students with the concepts of content design and development. It focuses on giving students a basic understanding of the various key elements that need to be carefully integrated to develop and deliver a modern user friendly website. It provides the necessary information to enable students to better understand the importance and relevance of digital photography and photo manipulation, videography and audio script writing, the concept of the message as the medium, how to define the audience and the customer journey. 

Elective Module 3: Data Analytics

This module provides students with an overview to the importance of big data as the combined collection of traditional and digital data from inside and outside the organisation. It shows how big data has allowed businesses to have access to significantly larger amounts of data, all combined and packaged for analysis. This data offers useful and interesting insights businesses, as owners can extract information from big data to study trends that will help them increase their customer base and streamline operations for success. This module outlines these concepts and illustrates how eCommerce businesses can analyse, understand and use online data. It guides students to understand better the concept of analytics, how to increase conversion rates, benchmark performance, digital marketing analytics, big data and business intelligence.


The online tutorial sessions are held weekly through the video conference functionality on the eBiznify eLearning Platform. These live sessions are recorded to allow for later viewing. However, as tutorials form part of the assessment process, minimum points are assigned to those who do not participate in the live sessions and opt to watch the recorded sessions.


Participants who successfully complete the four core modules and two electives will be awarded a Certificate of Merit – an Award in eCommerce Practices I at EQF/MQF level 4 (6 ECTS), issued by Advenio eAcademy and accredited by the Malta Further and Higher Education Authority (MFHEA).

Participants who complete individual modules of the course will receive an Award in eCommerce Practices I confirming the EQF/MQF level 4 (1 ECTS) credit for each module completed.

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