Introducing eBiznify and the 

Award in eCommerce Practices – I


The eBiznify eLearning platform comprises a comprehensive virtual campus complete with online classrooms, self-learning material, online library, video-conferencing facilities, forums and specialised tutors. The training programmes offered through this platform specialise in eCommerce and include both accredited and non-accredited courses that will help you enrich your knowledge and competencies in digital business, thus greatly increasing your employment prospects and business opportunities.

The benefits achieved from enrolling in an online eBiznify course are several, starting from the flexibility it offers – studying from any place at any time, at a pace that suits you, requiring nothing more than an internet connection. eBiznify allows you to fit your education around family, work and other study commitments. Also, you always have the opportunity to re-visit any content you might not have fully understood, at any time throughout the day.

Self-learning material
Exclusive industry insight
Online Library
Award in eCommerce Practices I [EQF/MQF Level 4 (6 ECTS)]
Advenio eAcademy Certificate of Completion (Non-Accredited)
Flexible study schedule
Access to content via laptop/PC or mobile


“I have had the pleasure of attending the Ebiznify course. I was impressed with the course from both an engagement perspective and how practical it was. I feel that the course has provided me with the knowledge and confidence to make genuine improvements. Mr D’Alessandro is very skilled at maintaining both pace and interest, whilst going into enough detail to enable you to implement your learning. Highly recommended!!”

Katriona, 2019

Award in eCommerce Practices

“I would to thanks Advenio eAcademy and their team and Special thanks to E-Biznify team, it was a very interesting course and Trip also. I wish all the success to all work in this project.”

Mohammed, 2019

Award in eCommerce Practices

“Overall very interesting and extremely professional and this course has over achieved my expectations. Lecturers, provide motivation through suggestions, especially of supplementary materials.”

Stephanie, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“Excellent organization, lot of supporting material, excellent lecturers.”

Zoran, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“Very interesting and informative course.”

Vanessa, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“It was very interesting course and learned new things. Highly recommended. It is very helpful.”

Roberta, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“Very good delivery of lectures/tutorial sessions. Details of case studies made it even richer.”

Stephen, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“A good practical and interesting course. It really helped me to better understand the value of e-commerce and how beneficial it could be for a business if done the right manner.”

Amy, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“This was my first online course and I am very satisfied with the outcome. I learned more than I thought I would. The forums and assignments helped us learn and research more and it was a very good experience.”

                Rachel, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“One of the best online courses I attended. It was tough but hard work pays off. Lecturers encouraged participation and research on topics to get more knowledge outside those covered in the session. Keep up the good work.”

Ivan, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“I wish to praise the patience and capability of the faculty members since you had to deal with very different levels of understanding and experience amongst students. You always showed your most professional and patient selves whilst giving us great knowledge and support.”

Lucrecia, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“I am happy with how the lecturers were very helpful in their methods and teaching.”

Clara, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices

“Lecturers shared valuable and professional feedback as well as suggesting tools and reading materials.”

Noemi, 2020

Award in eCommerce Practices